Here for Good is the go-to charity when it comes to specialised advice and support on the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS). We are now looking for highly skilled immigration practitioners to join our team of specialised volunteer lawyers who help applicants with making late applications to the EUSS. 

Many applicants continue to struggle to access their rights under the EUSS – a scheme that, since its inception, has failed a number of in-need EU citizens and their family members who are most at-risk of slipping through its cracks. Here for Good, along with other advice organisations in this space, face the trifecta of high demand, increased vulnerability of our clients, and stricter requirements to make applications under the scheme. 

Why now? 

Home Office guidance on the EUSS forms part of the Government’s hostile environment policies and continues to harden over time. Their latest amendment presents a sharp turn in direction and since 09 August 2023 much stricter rules apply to all late applicants. 

  • The Home Office now only accepts certain, very narrow, reasonable grounds for applying to the Scheme. 
  • Eligible family members classed as “illegal entrants” are now prevented from making a valid in-country application as a joining family member. 
  • The right to submit an administrative review, a remedy that gave the applicant the chance to improve their application and have it reconsidered, has also been removed.

Overall, the new guidance makes it much more difficult for late applicants to submit a valid application and  but for marginalised and in-need applicants the task of regularising their status and accessing their rights is near impossible without expert legal advice. 

Here for Good is receiving a large number of referrals from in-need clients that are negatively impacted by these changes. This includes many at-risk individuals, such as those who have fled domestic abuse; those who sleep rough or those who were not able to access legal advice in the past. 

Now more than ever, we urgently need the help of skilled caseworkers to assist our clients in making late applications under the EUSS, so that we can continue protecting their rights to stay in the UK. This is a highly complex, and fast-changing area of immigration law and those who join us will have the chance to make a positive impact on many people’s lives. 

What we offer:

As part of Here for Good’s Specialist EUSS Volunteer Lawyer Network, you will get to work alongside, and with the support of Here for Good’s team of in-house caseworkers. Here for Good’s team will offer you: 

  • Specialised training on the EUSS;
  • Up-to-date guidance and tools to help you to prepare and submit strong late applications under the EUSS;
  • Membership of a network of immigration volunteer caseworkers working across a variety of reputable law firms in the UK with whom you will be able to  discuss and share queries and good practice;
  • An opportunity to have a truly positive impact on people’s lives.

Here for Good also regularly organises in-person networking events for our volunteer network, partners and stakeholders which are a great way of making connections, building your profile and sharing ideas amongst professionals in the sector.

At this point, we are not expecting our volunteer caseworkers to undertake any appeal work. However, we will advertise future opportunities for those who may be interested in forming part of our “appeal project” in due course. If you may be interested in joining our future appeal EUSS work, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are recruiting on a rolling basis, but the first induction training on EUSS and late applications will take place early January. To find out more about our Specialist EUSS Volunteer Lawyer Network, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Leonie Fach based at the AIRE Centre